Our soft serve ice cream machines are popular all year round as they bring everyone’s favorite treat to your office, home or event location. Our machines are single flavor soft serve ice cream machines. Discounts are available if two machines are needed for chocolate and vanilla service. We carry a 97% fat free soft serve dessert that is quite popular, but if the customer goes out on his/her own to get frozen yogurt(or custard) mix, the machine should have no problem freezing it.


Unlike frozen drink machines, which take about 2 hours to freeze drinks down, soft serve machines are comparatively fast(usually a half hour, or less). Tropical Trolley brings the machine the day before, or day of the event. Machine can be placed indoors or outdoors in a logistically reasonable spot. Soft serve mix is mixed and added to the machine. In 15 minutes or so, try pouring a cup. Success!


Our soft serve ice cream machines are just $225 for a rental, and that price includes the machine and the first batch of soft serve mix, which will make about 100 four ounce cups. We also include 100 cups and spoons at no additional cost. Some delivery charges may be added to certain areas we service.

Important: Tropical Trolley’s soft serve machines are smaller, portable machines made to serve small to medium range crowds.

We generally recommend one machine for a crowd of 100 people or less— for over 125 people- we will usually recommend a second machine. To serve at maximum capacity, we usually recommend a smaller(4oz) cup, which we provide. Machines should be used at a conservative pace to insure constant service.


Due to the recent rise in peanut and other food allergies, we are no longer offering toppings and topping bars. We advise customers to get their own toppings.