Our Karaoke system has emerged as our fastest growing rental product because of its professional look, feel, sound and versatility. Tropical Trolley Karaoke consists of two wireless microphones, a 22-inch flat screen monitor, 2 speakers, 2 speaker stands, a microphone stand, and a bank of nearly 4000 songs covering all musical genres and eras, updated all the time. It is powered by a Fender sound board.We also have a Ipod adapter that allows you to play the music from your Ipod or Iphone through our system during karaoke breaks.


Our system takes 20-30 minutes to set up, 5 minutes to demonstrate. We set up the system the day before or the day of the event. We do a sound check, hand you a microphone, and listen to the next American Idol. Because our system is refreshed continuously with the latest karaoke CD’s, classic artists and movie soundtracks converted to karaoke, our system offers music for everyone.

Our system has been used in the living room of apartments, and Freshman orientation in the gym at a large university. It’s all in the setup, and the volume of the speakers. The ͞Song Remains The Same,͟ as do our high quality results.


The base price of $205 for our karaoke system is a great alternative to spending hundreds on a DJ or a KJ for a karaoke event, or an office karaoke party. Our system is uncomplicated, easy-to-use, and is updated regularly. Delivery charges may apply to certain areas we service.